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The One Brown Girl Challenge

Thursday, April 01, 2010
It took me more than a week to write this post.  And all because I didn't want to come across with too much joie de vivre.  Hmpf.  So now that a week has gone by, I'm pretty much over my reluctance to share the good feelings that I carry with me every day, and I have something to admit (drum roll, please):  I'm a happy Brown Girl with a great life and big dreams and I love living this way!  So there.  (Smiling big.)
Do you ever find that you are reluctant to comment about your successes or about how great you feel just so that you don't have to deal with the negative reactions of The Unhappy People?  Don't get me wrong:  Truth be told, I've got a little bit of an edge which for me means that I don't worry one.little.bit about how I'm perceived in real life.  But I'm still trying to get the hang of how my real life fits into my blog life, and that is because I've just recently turned The OBG Blog into more of a personal (Brown Girl) commentary (still struggling with this) as opposed to a blog that merely reports cool Brown Girl stuff.  Yeah, well. What's a Brown Girl to do?
So in light of My Happy Life and my (surprising but not really) reluctance to talk about it, here is The One Brown Girl Challenge I propose:  Don't be afraid to share your joy and your successes with the world.  If your joy comes from an honest humble place, everyone will know and react in kind.  Besides, maybe your joy will turn some of The Unhappy People into Happy Ones.  So there.  =)


Val Smith on: July 26, 2010 at 1:30 AM said...

Right back atcha...This is such an incredible site!!!! Celebrate your joy, your successes, your achievements, and just plain being you...and you should be darn excited about the fulfillment that you have created for yourself. You are sending out a POWERFUL and WONDERFUL charge!!!!

I am new to OBG, haven't referred to myself as a "girl" for some time now, but I am thankful to have found such a positive and
up-lifting arena!!! I Am Excited!!! Don't mean to ramble... Have I mentioned that I am excited? Peace.

Aqueelah on: September 10, 2011 at 5:13 PM said...

I'm so glad you share your achievements and successes, not only because it gives hope to those trying to excel but also because your joie de vivre is contagious.


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