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OBG Show 'n Tell: How a Brown Girl Rolls

Wednesday, February 02, 2011
I find so many cool products that I thought it might be fun to post a Show N Tell item from time to time.  Starting today.  =)
I was channel surfing in October and landed on HSN.  Iman was showcasing a daily special and with her lovely Somalian accent told everyone about her fantastic travel bag.  I bought it in Black.  And I love it.  No, really.  I love it.
Iman Global Chic Croco-Embossed Luxe Rolling Bag in Black
I took it with me to the Caribbean in January and was extremely pleased with its size, shape and especially its look.  I roll with it every day I go in to work and without a doubt, every time I get on a plane.  My computer, iPad and camera fit inside along with lots of other necessities including my trusty wool wrap.  It has 3 open compartment pockets on the inside and another pocket and a zippy pocket, both on the outside.  A lady ran after me in the airport a few weeks ago so that she could find out where she could get one.  It's an attention-grabber for sure.  "I-M-A-N" I spelled for her.  "On Home Shopping Network." 
Classic and roomy.  Just like a travel bag should be.  The wheels are inline skates and it's a sturdy croco-embossed vinyl.  I can fit it in the overhead and because I don't stuff it with too much, it also fits under the airplane seat (depending on the airline).  I put my small purse inside and keep it moving.
Wanna hear the best part?  They're on e-Bay for $30 less than  Yep.  Plus, only has gray and purple (both cute!) and for $79.95!  I ordered 1 of each and then cancelled because one of the testimonials spilled the beans about how e-Bay has them for $49.95...and in red, black, charcoal and purple.  So I ordered the red one. 
The Blog Police say that I'm supposed to provide a disclaimer whenever I talk about a product, so here's the deal:  I don't know Iman.  I don't know anyone at  I don't know anyone at e-bay.  If I knew where to source it, I would definitely sell it on the OBG products page myself.  That being said, I am not being compensated in any way for this post.  I don't think that every little thing on a blog should be about money anyway.
The disclaimer done, I think this bag is just perfect and I thought you should know in case you're in the market for a good roller.  You can thank me later. ;-)



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Looking For A Speaker to Chat With Your Youth Group About The World of Travel? Book Tracey today!
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