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Saturday, July 11, 2009
10 Questions with Aditi Mehta!
Aditi Mehta, a tax consultant by day and a magazine editor by night, lives in Houston, Texas. During her free time she pursues her passion: Brown Girl Magazine, an online publication dedicated to young South Asian women living in the US. Her hobbies consist of writing, jamming out to her favorite tunes, and spending time with her girlfriends.
10. What are your cultural origins? * Indian * 9. Name 5 beautiful things about your culture. * (1) The emphasis on family and sticking together through thick and thin.* (2) The colors! The beauty! I picture the gorgeous jewelry, bright clothing and towers of spices.* (3) The crazy music that will make you want to get up and move! * (4) Those cheesy Bollywood movies. I just can't resist. * (5) The amazing ability for any Indian person to immediately strike up a conversation with any other Indian anywhere in the world. * 8. What is your favorite food outside of your own culture? *Tex-Mex. No one does Tex-Mex better than Texas! * 7. Who is the most famous Brown Girl you have ever met? * I once saw a famous Bollywood actress, Kareena Kapoor, in the Bombay International Airport. * 6. Can you dance? * I'm not sure if I dance well but I absolutely love to! * 5. What do you like the most about your appearance? * My height. I [used to feel] too tall for an Indian girl (even though I'm really only 5'7"). * 4. Where is the most awe-inspiring place you have visited in the world? * Hands down, Berlin. While studying abroad, I fell in love with the city and its impressive history. The city...remains ever-changing and full of art and culture. There so much to see from museums, architecture, and even awesome places to party it up. *3. Which 3 living Brown Girls would you like to have tea with? * Sonal Shah * Michelle Obama * Magical Anjali * 2. What is your favorite chocolate indiscretion? * Fudgy brownies fresh out of the oven. * 1. Currently, what is your favorite quote? *Que sera, sera!*



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Looking For A Speaker to Chat With Your Youth Group About The World of Travel? Book Tracey today!
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