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Saturday, April 09, 2011
Today was supposed to be Passport Day in the USA, an initiative led by the State Department that invited the general public to go to a participating U.S. Passport Office and - without an appointment and on a Saturday - process all of the paperwork necessary to get a passport.  With only 30 percent of the U.S. population in possession of a passport (60% of Canadians and 75% of those in the UK have passports), I was extremely pleased to learn about this government initiative from fellow traveler and Facebook friend Angela Petitt as I firmly believe that absolutely everyone should be prepared for travel by having this important document.  [Source Unfortunately, the government has cancelled Passport Day due to a pending government shutdown. #shutdownultimatelyaverted

As the owner and Executive Director of an innovative travel camp (the only travel & learning adventure program of its kind in the nation), my aim is to give girls a world view through travel and to encourage social and environmental engagement through camp.  And while a passport is not officially required for destinations like the United States Virgin Islands and/or Hawaii (two OBG Adventure Camps destinations), passports are required as a form of identification for all OBGAC excursions that require air travel.  I am proud to say that most of the Adventurers that participate in OBGAC adventures are typically getting passports for the very first time!  #proud

Now for The Challenge:  In the interest of encouraging travel or at the very least being ready for a travel opportunity that might unexpectedly come your way, I would like to challenge you to either obtain your very first passport or renew your current passport should it be expired - within the next 60 days.  And if all of your ducks are in a row and you're all hooked up, I would like to challenge you to donate your time and the required processing fees to obtain a passport for your child(ren) or a child in your life that you know does not have a passport.

Because I couldn't possibly challenge you without challenging myself, I have committed to personally sponsoring the passports (including photos) of 6 girls within the next 6 months.  After all, a passport makes world travel accessible; travel encourages cultural competency; and - in the words of Wiki - developing cultural competence results in an ability to understand, communicate with, and effectively interact with people across cultures.  Need I say more?



Looking For A Speaker to Chat With Your Youth Group About The World of Travel? Book Tracey today!

Looking For A Speaker to Chat With Your Youth Group About The World of Travel? Book Tracey today!
Please send inquiries to Complimentary passport photos for all of the kids in your group! Photo: Paris, France (2012)

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